Course Name

Kardio Warrior


Students receive the following upon completion:
 Kardio Warrior International Certificate in Basic Level 1 & Advanced Level 2.

Entrance Requirements

No experience required, but a keen interest in fitness. Martial art experience will help, but not a prerequisite.

Career Opportunities

This course is aimed at individuals who are interested in teaching martial arts based group exercise classes, such as Kata-Box, Aerobic Kickboxing or Kardio-Box.


The Kardio Warrior exercise training programme is a comination of various forms of Martial Arts with Western Boxing techniques done to modern music.

Kardio Warrior is a dynamic fitness programme that enhances cardiorespiratory endurance, co-ordination, flexibility, balance, agility, power, and muscular strength. The course is dynamic and energetic, featuring various footwork drills, punching, blocking and kicking combinations. The course will focus on individual technique and general technical considerations with regard to advanced combinations.

Subjects / Syllabus

Biomechanics, Physiology and Research Review.
Skills and technical consideration
Technique drills
Class design and teaching Methodology
Warm-up and Cooldown
Safety Guidelines
Monitoring intensity
Musical Considerations
Cueing Skills

Study Method



Lecture Attendance 28 hours

Course Dates

Contact courses@kardiowarrior.com for a list of dates in your area.


Work Book
Theoretical Examination
Practical Examination

Certification Requirements

80 % Work book
70 % Theoretical Examination
70 % Practical Examination
20 hours mininum of group exercise attendance at a fitness club or gymnasium.

Course Materials

Kardio Warrior Manual Level 1(basic) and Level 2 (advanced). Kardio Warrior Work Book

Course Fees

call or write for information

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