Use of Equipment

The use of equipment can add variety to a class. Using equipment offers challenge as well as difference to a workout and is always fun to all participants.

Before being introduced to the use of equipment ensure that you are technically proficient with the basic Kardio Warrior workout.


Impact Warrior is a challenging workout for the advanced participant who has been involved with the Kardio Warrior basic program over a long period of time. Impact Warrior offers the participant a challenging, fun workout with simple punching and kicking drills exercised on equipment.

For more information on Impact Warrior refer to Events and Courses.

Hand wraps are long pieces of material that are similar to bandages, that are made from heavier less elastic material.
Contact Wraps - are used to protect and support the hand and the wrist and to protect the knuckles when punching and objects such as focus mitts and kick pads during an Impact Warrior.

Non Contact Wraps - are are used to stabilise the alignment of the hands and wrists during a non impact Kardio Warrior workout.

Fashion - wraps are also used as a fashion trend, with a large variety of colours that support the Kardio Warrior Fitness Clothing range.

Weighted fingerless gloves and boxing gloves are popular in Kardio Warrior classes. The gloves add weight to the arm, providing some resistance when punching. Gloves offer protection to the hands when punching a bag, focus mitt or power pad and is essential during Impact Warrior classes.

Focus mitts are worn by the instructor during a Kardio Warrior workout or by the participants during a Impact Warrior workout. The mitts are held in front of the participant who strikes at the mitts with maximum power. Wraps or gloves should be worn. Focus mitts provides a tough and challenging workout to the participant due to the fact that timing, distance and focus plays a vital role in the workout.
Kick/Power pads serve the same purposes as the focus mitts. Kick / Power Pads are used for kicks as well as intensive punching combinations where maximum impact
is delivered during a workout.

Both the instructor as well as participant should be competent when using the kick/power pads. Distancing in relation to contact is important, if held too close or too far participants can hurt themselves.

Always remember that the Kardio Warrior program focusses on a safe and effective workout.

There are many sizes of bags. Whatever bag you choose ensure that it is installed properly. The bag or any other equipment should be checked and tested before being introduced to the class. Students must be proficient with basic kicking and punching drills before attempting a bag workout. Bags can be used for circuit classes as well as Impact Warrior classes in conjunction with the use of focus mitts and power/kick pads.

A speed ball is a small, lightweight oval shaped bag that hangs from an elevated point or a fixed structure. These are used during circuit training or Impact Warrior classes where the development of speed, rhythm, timing, co-ordination is achieved.

PS: The following equipment are available from the Kardio Warrior Product Range:

  • Hand wraps
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Weighted Fingerless Gloves
  • Focus Mitts
  • Power Pads
  • Kick Pads
  • Heavy Bags
  • Speed Balls

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