Frequently Asked Questions

Beginner Warriors:
For the beginner participant it is recommended that you consullt a medical practioner prior to your first Kardio Warrior class ie group exercise or the Kardio Warrior Home workout videos.

Group exercise class:
Start with the basic beginners class twice per week for aperiod of 4 weeks, then proceed to the intermediate and advance classes.

Kardio Warrior Workout Videos:
On purchasing the video workouts, give special attention to the the instructional tape for the first week then proceed to the basic workout recommended twice or three times per week for a period of weeks. The advanced workout can be attempted after a relatively high technical level has been reached.

Remember: We are all built differently, so workout according to your own limitations. At all times focus should be given to correct technique.This will ensure a safe and effective workout.

Lastly, with any form of exercise your primary aim is to enjoy your workout and have as much fun as possible.

One of the objectives of exercise is to relieve stress whilst attaining a high degree of self confidence."It is your right to feel good about yourself ".



Senior Warriors:
It has been shown that exercise is a must, no matter what age we are. Maintaining a regular exercise program throughout our lives (lifetime fitness) may lead to a more rewarding life. Kardio Warrior accommodates all senior age groups as our primary goal as an exercise program is to improve and maintain the health of the individual exercising.

However before attempting Kardio Warrior senior participants should get medical clearance.

Exercise Intensity and Duration - moderate intensity

( 60-70% of maximal heart rate) for a duration of 20 minutes.

Exercise Frequency - at least three days per week.

Remember: There is nothing wrong with improvising the exercises to suite your needs eg: if you cannot maintain a weight distribution of 60/40% in the fighting stance then adapt the stance to a 30/10 % weight distribution.

If you are not able to execute techniques in double tempo then single tempo should be good enough. You determine the pace of the class.

Take regular water breaks during your workout and do not pesist with any exercise that is causing unnecessary strain to your joints.


Young Warriors:
The Kardio Warrior group exercise program accommodates children of various age groups from 8 years and older.

Kardio Warrior is used as a youth development program and is designed to keep the youth focussed on an activity that is fun, safe and energetic. It encourages the youth to be self confident and to believe in themselves through a martial art medium. Kardio Warrior promotes respect from within that also reflects on the outside. Kardio Warrior keeps the youth productive and creates an awareness of the need for good health as well as life time fitness. Kardio Warrior keeps the youth productive and of the streets. Kardio Wrrior empowers the youth as also being a dynamic self protection program.

Kardio Warrior proves to be a successful program at both Primary and Secondary Schools.

The Kardio Warrior fitness video series is designed for family participation.


Prenatal Warriors:
As with any exercise program for the prenatal exerciser, medical clerance is necessary. The goal of any prenatal exercise program should is to maintain current fitness through the gestation period and not to make fitness gains. The following concerns must be taken into consideration when participating in the Kardio Warrior execise program.

  • Balance is a challenge, especially later on in the pregnancy. Due to the importance of balance in executing the basic kicks, this type of exercise may be difficult as size increases.
  • As size increases, torso rotation and bending at the torso may be uncomfortable., making it difficult to execute punching and kicking drills properly. Adapting certain exercises to suite your condition is encouraged.
  • It is important for the participant to have participated in the Kardio Warrior program prior to pregnancy. It is recommended that first time participants(beginner warriors) do not start this program during pregnancy.
  • Due to the increased hormone production, joint laxity and decreased joint stability are concerns. It is recommended that the participant should have participated in the workout proir to pregnancy so that she is aware of how to modify exercises to protect her joints

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