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The Kardio Warrior Fitness and Martial Art Studio strives to address the individual health and fitness requirements of the average individual. We deliver personal training, in exercise various exercise programs as well martial arts, tailor-made for the individual needs of each client, to enhance lives and performance. A wide range of exciting and innovative classes are presented during the day as well as in the evening.


Kardio Warrior
Kardio Warrior is the ultimate fitness workout that combines martial arts with western Boxing performed to energetic dance music. Kardio Warrior is a safe, fun and effective workout that accommodates both men, women and children from beginner to advance in the comfort of your own home. Kardio Warrior is the highest fat burning workout designed to tone and shape your abs, buns and thighs like never before. See consistent amazing results in no time.

Basic(beginner) Workout: (duration – 35 minutes)
Kardio Warrior Basic is designed for the beginner participant only.
You will start of with a systematic warm up routine preparing you to perform basic stances, punches and kicks. You will learn how to apply important principals and guidelines such as form, balance, breathing and muscular strength to enhance your workout. The step by step instruction enables you to perform these techniques with effectiveness and confidence. This low intensity workout will leave you feeling energized. The Abs, Buns, thighs and back routine will not only leave you with a flattened stomach but also a toned and tightened buttocks and thighs. 

Advanced Workout: (duration – 45 mins)
Ravi Moodley, fitness professional and creator of Kardio Warrior introduces you to Kardio Warrior Advanced. This high energy explosive workout  that takes you to the next level of physical fitness…..sweating your way to a healthier, leaner more sculpted body. Recommended for advanced participants.

Pilates: (duration – 40 minutes)
A safe, no impact, non-aerobic exercise routine that stretches and strengthens muscles with various exercise routines. Pilates focuses on abs, lowerback, thighs and glutes whilst stressing the importance of breathing and posture. It increases strength, flexibility, co-ordination and endurance. Perfect for injury rehabilitation. Recommended for men , women and children of all ages.

Yoga: (duration – 40 minutes)
Specialized exercise better flexibility, fitness and body suppleness whilst gaining more positive energy with an overall better sense of well-being. Relaxation techniques to relieve physical and mental stress. Recommended for all ages .

Tai-Chi: ( 40 minutes)
East meets West in an energy-building martial arts program that provides a perfect balance between mind and body. A 35 minute moving meditation, increases energy, strength, balance, flexibility and overall body awareness. No impact or cardio involved. Recommended for all participants of any age.

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