Personal Protection

Brings a unique perspective to the role of personal protection in our daily lives. Irrespective of nationality, race, age or gender we are all affected by crime and threats of violence.

In this program you will be taught step by step basic defensive techniques that are lethal, dynamic, easy to execute and provide effective self protection for the average person.

Regardless of the persons size or build, there are certain areas of the body that are vulnerable and sensitive. You will be made aware of your attackers target areas.

Apart from physical techniques you will learn how to use the most powerful weapon of all: the mind………the ability to trust your natural survival instincts to overcome fear and respond decisively when faced with violence.

You will be taught specific methods to avoid potentially dangerous situations such as:

    • Pick pockets and muggers
    • Prevention and awareness during carjacking
    • Defending yourself at home
    • Awareness at ATM’s
    • Safe jogging

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