Proud Warriors

I am Traci Anthon 26 years of age, married with two children ages 4 years and the other 8 months. I have been on the program for 2 months.
After my second baby I weighed 90 kg and wore size 42 dress. Over my first eight weeks I have lost 4.5 kg and 1 dress size. (now size 40 and dropping)
I feel great, look better than I have looked in a long time and I feel so energized – I still eat what I want. Kardio Warrior has really changed my life and has given me loads of confidence and I want to say thanks.
To all those who think it’s just a joke, please try the Kardio Warrior program and you’ll see a world of difference.

Once again – Thanks Kardio Warrior

Traci Anthon
Kardio Warrior - Pietermaritzburg, South Africa


I find Kardio Warrior to be a workout that I really look forward to. It burns fat, tones and you get an overall workout, but the best part of all is that you're having fun.  I really enjoy the punching and the kicking, which is done to the beat of high energy music. For me, Kardiowarrior is the most effective and consistent way of staying in shape and maintaining weight.
I have been exercising for many years now and Kardiowarrior has been, without question, the most beneficial and enjoyable for me. It has taken me to a new level of confidence and has allowed me to be happy with whom I am and what I am.  It gives me that nice get up and go feeling.
Kardiowarrior is addictive and from the very first workout I became energised and felt great. It is the most awesome, total body workout that you could ask for, exercising, toning and strengthening all the important bits.
I became energised, reduced my stress levels, chilled, lost weight and centimetres and I feel great about myself. So....join a Kardiowarrior class today. You will never look back again.

Michelle Randall
Midrand (Avid  and regular Kardiowarrior class goer)


Great effort was required to convince me to attend kardio-warrior classes. I have always been of the opinion that aerobic type of exercise is for females!  Real men do not need music to exercise.  Not to mention the fact that the classes are presented by a very young, energetic man.  For somebody who believes that the only real sport types are rugby and cricket, this was the ultimate challenge.
After the first session some very stiff, painful muscles reminded me of activity in a very different manner. However, I would not give up.  Motivated by the challenge I returned to the classes . . . again . . . and again . . . and then I was hooked.
It has been a year since I started attending kardio-warrior classes twice a week and I feel great.  My weight hasn’t changed much, but I have definitely experienced significant centimetre loss. My pants are like bags and everybody wants to know what I am doing to look so much better.

Gert Roos


I have been training for the past 8 months now recovering from an operation - the training definitely helps recovering muscles. Weight loss is great.

Ilze Lamprecht


Going for two years. Feel great, lost a lot of weight and centimetres.  Kardio Warrior is an excellent exercise for body tone and shape. Thanks to the Kardio-Warrior team.

Cariena Geldenhuys


In 2 years, I lost 7 kg and 6 cm, feel great and we like this very much. I just want to say thank you to Kardio-Warrior.

Charline Diedericks


I feel great, been doing kardio-warrior for 2 months now.  Haven’t experience weight loss, but expect it to happen soon. I just have so much energy.

Maretha Beukes


I attended my first Kardio Warrior class in April 2003 and clearly remember asking myself what was I doing there. I was an unfit forty three year old mother of four and not at all athletic. I thoroughly enjoyed that class and every other class since. I have fun and for that hour forget about the outside world.
The benefits for me have been amazing. I am much fitter, my co-ordination has improved, am more toned and have a general sense of well being.
Each Kardio Warrior class leaves me feeling energized and looking forward to the next one.
It is also an empowering experience because I know that all those kicks and punches also enhances my Personal Protection skills.



Being introduced to “Kardio Warrior” Exercise has increased my alertness. I feel totally relaxed in the environment that I work in.

Vinesh Ragnubin - Isipingo Hills, Durban


I, joined the Kardio Warrior class in the year 2001. I love doing Exercise and I used to walk 4km a day, but never got the full satisfaction from that walk. However, when I was introduced to Kardio Warrior, I could not believe how one hour of “KW” could give a person’s body so much energy. Since then, I look and feel good both physically and mentally and it’s thanks to Kardio Warrior. It has certainly changed my life.

Theresa Naidoo - Isipingo Hills, Durban


Since I’ve joined this exciting class of Kardio Warrior, I’ve realised that this is “the hottest” workout. Something so cool and exciting that I actually look forward to it and can fit it into my busy schedule.

Kardio Warrior is so much fun, especially to have my husband joining me and that makes it triple fun. It has helped me in so many ways:

  • Works out my stress levels
  • got rid of some unwanted cellulite
  • I don’t get tired easily
  • keeps me fit and energetic
  • and most importantly, I can fit into my size 32 jeans.

We have a superb instructor who just keeps us smiling while we are on the beat. I’m sure that once I’ve mastered these steps I would take on any criminal, and for sure be the best on the dance floor. Thanx!!!

Sanitah Balaram - Isipingo, Durban


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