Technical  Considerations

Technical Guidelines

TG1 Medical Clearance

As with all exercise training programmes it is advised that the participant consults a medical practitioner or any other health care professional before participating in the Kardio Warrior exercise training programme. The Kardio Warrior participant must consider existing and or current injuries as well as general all round medical condition before attempting the Kardio Warrior Workout.

Medical clearance: REFER TO FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for safety workout hints.

TG2 Making a Fist

Step 1: - Photo 1

Open hand, keeping fingers together.

Step 2 - Photo 2

Fold fingers inward (beginner with the little finger) until the tips are pressing tightly into the palm.

Step 3 - Photo 3

Press the thumb firmly over the second joints of the index and middle fingers. The little finger is apt to become weak and relaxed, so it is necessary to keep it pressed tightly against the palm.

Step 4 - Photo 4

Ensure that your wrist is tensed, contact must be made with the middle and index knuckle.

Safety Tip:


1. Always consider the practical application of any technique, it is imperative that the wrist of the striking fist is not bent as this will cause the wrist to break on impact of the strike.

2. The use of hand wraps is recommended to protect and support the bones of the hand and wrist during a Kardio Warrior workout or Impact Warrior workout.

3. Weighted fingerless gloves is not recommended to the beginner participant until a relatively high technical standard is attained.

NB: Refer to Use of Equipment as well as Frequently asked questions pages.

TG3  Straddle Stance

Step 1 - photo 1

The feet are two times shoulder width apart (2 x natural stance)

Step 2 - photo 2

Feet parallel to each other, pointing forwarded.Feet stay flat on the ground. Bend knees, equal distribution of weight on both legs (50% on each leg) Body upright and centred in the middle of both legs

Step 3 - photo 3

Guard up, fists in line with shoulders. Shoulders relaxed, head up, focus on target. Muscles of the hips and legs remain tense.

Safety Tip:


1. If discomfort on the knee is experienced, adopt a relaxed straddle stance with slight bending of the knees.

2. Never slouch, alwys ensure that the back is upright and perpendicular to the ground.

Fighting Stance to follow.

TG4 Fighting Stance

The fighting stance is one of the most frequently used stance in the Kardio Warrior training program. Most punching and kicking techniques are executed from the fighting stance. This stance is used for both static as well as techniques on the move.

Step 1 - photo 1

From a natural stance, move one foot diagonally with a distance of 2x shoulder width in length.

Step 2 - photo 2

The width between both feet is 1x shoulder width apart. Point lead foot and rear foot at approximately a 45 degree angle from the front. Weight distribution, 60 % on the lead foot and 40 % on the rear foot. Turn body at a 45 degree angle to the front, remaining relaxed but alert. Head up, breath normally and keep eyes focused on target. Lead fist in line with the shoulder and rear fist across the body.

Safety Tip:


1. To accommodate a lack of lower body strenght and/or flexibility narrow the distance between the feet to maintain a neutral spine.

2. Allow the feet to pivot to prevent any pressure on the knees and back.

3. Always keep an upright posture, never slouch as this will not only effect your technique but also add to unnecessary strain on the lower back.

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